SBR is one of the leading EPC companies in the steel and mine fields in Iran with over 20 years of experience in engineering, procurement, and construction of industrial plants. The company has offices in Iran, Norway, and Oman. We are a technology driven engineering company. So far, SBR has successfully delivered more than 200 projects in Iran, Switzerland, UK, Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Malaysia and Qatar. Our projects include wide range of engineering services for medium and big steel and mine companies. We also have cooperated closely with several international companies such as Maerz, Danieli, Outotec, Chisaki, Ashton Bulk, SMS Group, Tenova, Kuttner, and McLellan. SBR is expanding its operation worldwide, so we are looking for strong business partners globally .

SBR offers complete EPC solutions for industrial projects since 1997. The company is committed to adding value to its clients’ portfolios and improve their projects’ efficiency by combining technology, science, and the knowledge of a group professionals. SBR provides full support from beginning of the projects to the end of them. Services such pre-evaluation, design, building information modeling (BIM), procurement, and construction. 

To increase efficiency, SBR digitalizes and integrates information for all phases of industrial plants lifecycle (from concept engineering to operation phase) which makes industrial plants more connected, intelligent, reliable, and sustainable. At SBR, engineers and other professionals work closely toward integrating and unifying all digital assets of an industrial plant by using information management tools based on innovative digital technologies (such as Building Information Modeling (BIM)).

As one of leading EPC companies in Iran and in the Middle East, SBR provides the highest quality services to address the complex infrastructural challenges to steel plants, iron ore plants, lime and dolomite plants and other industrial and mining projects. Each project is monitored through a Quality Management System (QMS) and Quality Assurance Plan (QA). The staff is trained and obligated to monitor all the cycles in projects to ensure projects’ high quality delivery regarding the company’s latest quality control procedures and ISO 9001 standards.

Besides obligating with general environmental policies and holding certificates such as ISO 14001, HSE_MS and etc, SBR is an environmental friendly company and aims to reduce carbon footprint in its daily operations. The company’s environmental policy encourages all its employees and contractors to do their best to make the planet a better place to live for everyone in the world and keep it green for the next generations.

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    A Global Leader in Engineering, Procurement Construction and Project Management.

    SBR Mission is to Provide Proper Solutions and Execute Successful Projects in the Fields of Different in Dustries to Achieve Recognition and Growth Through Customer Satisfaction, Employee Motivation and Innovative Approaches.An in-depth Knowledge of Core Technologies, Internationally Industrial Experiences and having Professional Expertise in a Wide Range of Skills, Enable us to Successfully Execute Projects World Wide.

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    Our History

    The story of when everything started.

    • 1996



    • 1999


      First Contract with MSC

    • 2006


      Export Eng. Service to Europe

    • 2007


      Selected as Best Eng. Company at Isfahan

    • 2010


      Becoming an EPC Company

    • 2014


      Becoming a KBC Company

    • 2016 & 2018

      2016 & 2018

      Selected as Best KBC Company at Isfahan

    • 2019 & 2020

      2019 & 2020

      Selected as Best KBC Company at Isfahan in Export

    • 2020 & 2021

      2020 & 2021

      Entrance in BIM Services in Design, construction& Operation and DMS

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    SBR has delivered over 200 projects in the steel and plant fields. In this section, you can find a number of our favorite pictures from various projects …

    About Us

    SBR is one of the leading EPC companies in the steel and mine fields in Iran with over 20 years of experience in engineering, procurement, and construction of industrial plants.